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Cavity Chemicals
  POLAR Index 18


A cavity chemical so potent and penetrating, an entirely new concept in grading had to be developed. Equivalent to a formaldehyde index of 53, “Polar” has remarkable penetration and immediate fixation properties. An exceptional quality is its low fume, pleasant aroma which allows the embalmer an unexpected agreeable ambient environment in the prep room. Undeniably, the finest cavity chemical ever produced, it is the cavity chemical of choice in the high case volume prep rooms across the nation.

#02998 24 – 16 oz. Bottles

EPIC Cavity


“Epic” is absorbed and combines with tissue so rapidly and completely, that no cavity fluid can be recovered with reaspiration 8 hours following the initial operation. It will produce the driest and most complete saturation of any cavity chemical available. Undiluted “Epic Cavity” will ensure against enzymatic change, fermentation, purge or tissue gas. It is an excellent topical bleaching pack for mild discolorations and a preserving bleach when hypodermically injected. The odor is similar to traditional cavity fluids, however penetration is unmatched by any other. For the technician from the old school who feels that cavity fluid must sting the eyes and burn the nasal passages, “Epic Cavity” is your product.

#03012 24 – 16 oz. Bottles


CAVREX Index 28

Compatible with the “C” line arterials it ensures complete cavity preservation by osmotic and penetrative properties that nullify the bacteria responsible for putrefactive problems. Second and third day concerns of tissue gas, purging, odors, etc. are eliminated when “Cavrex” is the fluid of choice. A mild odor makes it popular among many firms and especially prevalent in high volume case prep rooms. It lends itself well to bleaching qualities used either as a topical pack or hypodermically injected.

#03030 24 – 16 oz. Bottles

COMPO Cavity


The economical cavity chemical with optimum penetrating power. It works well when hypodermically injected to tissue devoid of circulation and attains moderate bleaching effect when used as a pack. A single based fluid, “Compo Cavity” is the fluid of choice for the technician looking for the thrifty, worry-free chemical.

#03058 24 – 16 oz. Bottles



An extremely low content formaldehyde cavity fluid which is non-irritating to the nose and throat membranes of the embalmer, yet preeminent in its preservative power. Caution, should be used however, to insure that contact with living skin is avoided. Latex, or Nitrile gloves should always be worn when “Compo N/I” is used. It is a most effective cavity chemical, economically priced for the formaldehyde sensitive technician.

#03056 24 – 16 oz. Bottles

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