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Funeral Procession Aids


CE-N-1 "Funeral" in white, purple background
CE-N-2 "Funeral" in purple, white background
CE-N-3 "Funeral" in white, orange background
CE-M-2 "Funeral" in black, orange background
CE-M-1 "Funeral" in purple cross, white background
CE-M-3 "Funeral" in black cross, orange background
CE-O-1 "Funeral" in white cross, purple background
CE-IL-1 "Funeral" in white cross, orange background
CE-J-1 Star of David in white, purple background
CE-J-2 Star of David in purple, white background
CE-J-3 Star of David in white, orange background
CE-J-4 Star of David in black, orange background
CE-M-4 Solid black cross, orange background


Fix-A-Post Magnetic Funeral Flags have a rust-proof shaft and a round plastic-covered base that will hold on all metal and many vinyl-covered car tops. Contact area is specially-prepared to prevent scratching of car surface. Choice of any small stock banner (6ā€ x 9") on right.

CE 1903   Flexo-flag, nylon banner, spring shaft,magnetic base
CE 1905   Flag carrier
CE 1906   Flag carrier with handle (holds 2 dozen flags)
CE 1907   Banners only (order by number at right)
CE 1908   American Flag small banner (6 x 9), nylon, with magnetic base and staff
CE 1909   American Flag small banner (6 x 9) only
CE-LEAD   Large 91/2 x 17 Banner (order by number above, adding ā€œLā€ at end of product number), including double magnetic base
CE-AMN   Same as above, with nylon American Banner, includes double magnetic base
CE 1905-N Nylon American Banner only, 91/2 x 17
CE 1902-C Cotton American Banner only, 91/2 x 17
CE 1902-L Stock Lead Car Banners only, 91/2 x 17 (order by number at right)
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