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Arterial Chemicals
  EPIC Index 30

EPIC Index 30

Similar in formulation to Epic 18 and the Epic 25. Epic 30 achieves more firmness in a faster time with know dehydration. Lanolin Based. The color developed is natural and diffuses to all surfaces. The triple-based formulation guaranties a safeguard equaled by no other arterial.

#03005 24 – 16 oz. Bottles

EPIC Index 18

EPIC Index 18 (Pink/Tan)

Penetration, diffusion, and saturation of “Epic” are extremely efficient. Minimized dehydration is achieved by a chemical balance of lanolin and incorporated materials and ensures pliable joints; excellent skin textures, and prevents the embrittlement of collagen. Cosmetic color is natural with a moderate firmness of tissue. Inclusion of Bacterin and Destrin in the triple-based formulation guarantees a safeguard equaled by no other arterial. By adding a predominating Tan color, “Epic Tan 18” offers a more golden, or out of doors complexion.

#03002–Pink #03006–Tan 24 – 16 oz. Bottles

EPIC Index 25

EPIC Index 25 & EPIC Index 30

Similar in formulation to “Epic 18”, a decided firmness and rigidity is achieved in much less time. The color developed is natural and diffuses to all surfaces. By inactivating enzymes, second day changes in firmness is non-existent and ensures safety of that case whichrequires prolonged delay to disposition.

#03004 24 – 16 oz. Bottles

MING Index 18

MING Index 18

Derived its name from the “Ming Dynasty” of ancient China known for it fine translucent porcelain ware. It is ideal for use on children, women, the aged, and all cases where the skin is particularly delicate. The formulation allows a moderate firmness with no dehydration and a mild cosmetic effect. The preservation, penetration, and saturation is so thorough that many firms have incorporated “Ming” as their standard arterial.

#03014 24 – 16 oz. Bottles

CIRCOL Index 20

CIRCOL Index 20

The total balance of the cosmetic factors and incarnadining agents in “Circol” allows this arterial to work with the circulatory system as no other product. A complete saturation and control of color to all surfaces is perfectly attained in every case. Triple-base formulation ensures complete preservation with no browning/graying, burning or contortion of facial features. “Circol” has been called, “The nearest to a perfect fluid that can be chemically synthesized.”

#03028 24 – 16 oz. Bottles



A specialized arterial fluid for the extreme embalming case. Formulated for autopsied, electrocuted, frozen, or any case which is difficult to firm, “Lithol” is the essential fluid for every embalming room. It has fast, complete saturation and penetration of the tissue and is compatible with any other fluid. “Lithol C/R” imparts a more vivid color and is preferred by the embalmer, which desires cosmetic effect from arterial injection, rather than
external application. This arterial fluid produces a desired firmness result and is guaranteed to yield a case free of post-embalming concerns. As with all difficult cases ESCO recommends a pre-injection of Drainage Chemical and “Sofner” for systemic clearance of stain and discoloration. Followed by treatment with one of the “Lithol” fluids.

#03040–Lithol #03041–Lithol C/R 24 – 16 oz. Bottles

LEAF Index 20

L.E.A.F. & L.E.A.F. PLUS Index 20 & 25

L.E.A.F. is a lanolin arterial that is so chemically balanced that it ensures soft, natural skin texture, pliable joints and no dehydration – even if used over-strength. Color is slight by adding ESCO incarnadining agents. Addition of ESCO fluid color will intensify the hue to suit the case. L.E.A.F. PLUS produces like results as its older brother, but in much less time. By increasing the index of the basic L.E.A.F. the embalmer is able to obtain the desired pliable joints, soft skin textures, and life-like hues, in about half the time required for most
lanolin arterials.

#03044–L.E.A.F. #03045–L.E.A.F. PLUS 24 – 16 oz. Bottles

INSTANT Index 35

INSTANT Index 35

The extreme firming arterial fluid of the ESCO family of fluids. Utilized on the problem case, i.e.; autopsied, frozen, electrocuted, or decomposed case, “Instant” produces immediate results in saturation, penetration and firming of the tissue. It produces excellent results in cases with a swarthy, or darker complexion. It is the preferred fluid for difficult cases in the African-American community. Used as a “booster” with other arterials,
“Instant” ensures a rapid firming of the tissues.

#03089 24 – 16 oz. Bottles



Designed to produce an extremely rigid firmness with maximum preservation in even the most difficult case. Edematous, gangrenous or cancerous tissue will attain complete saturation. Cosmetic effect is achieved by adding color to the desired degree.

#03054 24 – 16 oz. Bottles



Freeform is an environmentally safe non-formaldehyde, non-volatile, practitioner friendly capillary wash developed to temporarily control post mortem changes. The flushing controls the rate of natural degrading of the body. Freeform clears discolorations and neutralizes the residuals of medications allowing time for limited visitations in a natural state. Freeform is temporarily bactierialstatic to microbial decomposers associated with Green burials and the natural decomposition process. The body will then recycle naturally.

#03011 24 – 16 oz. Bottles

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