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Specialty Chemicals
  EPIC Conditioner


Triple-base Humectant, Plasticizer, Anti-Dehydrant for use with arterial or cavity injection for controlling formaldehyde dehydration. The most efficient chemical yet compounded to reinforce the tissue to counteract dehydration, burning, browning, parted lips and eyes, or other undesirable tissue reaction to formaldehyde. A sufficient amount of preservative chemical contained in “Epic Conditioner,” enhances the ability of arterial fluid to diffuse and permeate the deepest tissue. The qualities of “Epic Conditioner” are so well established
that even some of the competition recommends it.

#03032 24 – 16 oz. Bottles



An Anti-Dehydrant and preservative compounded specifically for the ESCO “C” line fluids. A true colloid so finely milled and containing millions of moisture cells to diffuse to the smallest of capillaries, it assures maximum preservation without the dehydration normally associated with formaldehyde. The ability to support and carry the arterial injection to the minutest part of the vascular system assures homogeneous distribution of cosmetic color and preservatives, while stabilizing the moisture content of the tissue. Triple-based
preservatives added to “Celtrol” augments the arterial of choice to penetrate and firm tissue beyond normal expectation.

#03032 24 – 16 oz. Bottles

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