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ESCO History

The Embalmers’ Supply Company was born April 13, 1886, as a partnership between C.B. Dolge, a German-born inventor, a businessman, artist and engraver, and Max Huncke, also German-born, and a practicing pharmacist. It operated both as the The Brooklyn Embalming Fluid Company and as Dolge & Huncke in Brooklyn, New York, until 1890, at which time it moved to Westport, Connecticut. In 1893, the partnership was dissolved, the interest of Mr. Huncke being purchased by Mr. Dolge, and the firm was incorporated under the present name.

In the early days, we manufactured not only embalming fluids containing arsenic (there was no formaldehyde available then), but also a limited line of instruments and accessories such as pumps, goosenecks, etc., in short, the mechanical contrivances without which embalming cannot be practiced. This was necessary since there was no other source of supply for such items, and without them, fluid could not be sold. As the years have passed, we have, bit by bit, withdrawn from metal manufacture and have broadened and enlarged our chemical business. Today, we are strictly a chemical firm.

In 1889, Mr Dolge founded the first permanent school of embalming to popularize the method and his products, and this was known as the United States College of Embalming. Dr. Auguste Renouard was the demonstrator, and later purchased the school which was then run as the Renouard Training School for Embalmers until 1954, when its was absorbed by the American Academy, McAllister Institute.

Thus, within three years of its founding, the Company was already responsible for two major “firsts.” An equipment factory and a permanent school, one of which operates to this day. This early record of initiating lasting improvements in the industry has guided us throughout the years and is perhaps the most distinguishing mark of ESCO. It is impossible to list all of the advances in materials and methods which we have introduced, but a partial list is given here:


1887– FIRST American-made instruments and accessories. Prior to this, all embalming productswere imported from Germany or made by the user.

1889– FIRST USA School of Embalming, The United States College of Embalming in New York City, which became the Renouard Training School of Embalmers’ and now the American Academy, McAllister Institute in New York City.

1891– FIRST Commercial Compound-Base Fluid (Arsenic, Mercury and Zinc: Optimum), Formaldehyde was not yet available.

1898 – FIRST Imported Gallon Commercial Formaldehyde to enter USA from Germany.

1900 – FIRST U.S. Made Commercial Formaldehyde Fluid, ESCO

1903 – FIRST U.S. Manufactured Morgue Table.

1907 – FIRST Concentrated Fluids: ESCO-RA-CO

1916 – FIRST Veinous Embalming, introduced VEINO Vascular Embalming.

1921 – FIRST Manufacture Plastic Surgery Outfit.

1924 – FIRST Introduce Double Base Fluid, DUO-RA-CA.

1926 – FIRST Produce Preservative Pre-Injection DUO-ESCHOL.

1930 – FIRST Invent and Introduce Liquid Tissue Filler. #20

1935 – FIRST Use of Synthetic Wetting Agents in Fluids.

1935 – FIRST Application of Synergistic Principle in Embalming fluid.

1938 – FIRST Water-Soluble Cosmetic, Blemish Cover.

1939 – FIRST Plastic Tubes.

1941 – FIRST Plastic Burial Garments

1943 – FIRST Use of Synthetic Tanning Materials (Syntans) ESCO-LECO.

1945 – FIRST Water and oil or Fat Soluble Dyes used in Fluid. CIRCOL, CIRCART.

1945 – FIRST Preservative Anti-Dehydrant, CELTROL.

1949 – FIRST Calcium Sequestering Blood Clot and Water Softener.

1951 – FIRST Arterial Fluid Capable of Firming All Cases, FIRM-M-OL.

1951 – FIRST Aerosol Package in Industry, SAN VEINO.


1956 – FIRST Anti-Dehydrant Eye Disinfectant, “IT.”

1956 – FIRST Water-soluble Tissue Filler. #16

1957 – FIRST Powdered Incision Sealer.

1957 – FIRST Granulated Dust Free Hardening Compound.

1958 – FIRST Make over of ESCO-LECO to a Non Corrosive NU-LECO.

1959 – FIRST Phenol Based Cavity Fluid.1960 – FIRST Tried powdered Concentrated Fluid.

1961 – FIRST Silicon Spray to industry.

1963 – FIRST Introduction of EPIC LINE – Better penetration fluid.

1965 – FIRST Introduction of DRUG AND STAIN REMOVER

1966 – FIRST Introduction of ARON ALPHA to industry.

1968 – FIRST Desiccating Powder used at skin banks.

1969 – FIRST Plastic Fluid Bottle.

1974 – FIRST Introduction of the PRO LINE. Max. Penetration & Color.

1975 – FIRST 4th Generation as New President of ESCO

1975 Porti-Boy purchased and added to ESCO family of products.

1981 – FIRST 5th Generation started working for ESCO.

1982 – FIRST Safety Cap on Fluid Bottles

1985 – FIRST Embalming Room Air Purifier marketed.

1987 Moved to Stratford, CT from Westport after 83 years.

1989 Purchased Assets of Gold Crest Chemical Company

1990 Introduced the first EPA licensed disinfectant for
killing HIV:SCOFF II

1993 Introduced our own line of Cremation Urns

1993 Introduced NU-IT Embalmers spray to line of products

1994 Introduced LEAF Plus to Arterial Fluid Line

1994 Introduced Soft Skin to line of products

1997 Introduced C.S.D. a disinfectant that kills TB

1998 Introduced Dis-Cide EPA registered virucidal moist towelettes

1999 Introduced Dry-N-Lock absorbents

1999 Introduced Edema-Pro Edema fluid

2000 Introduced Disinfectant Soap and Balma #3 Soap

2002 Introduced Cadisol Gel

The Embalmers’ Supply Company has produced dozens of new products, which are combinations or blendsand though they are exciting additions to the ESCO lines, we have chosen not to list them all. Be assured thatESCO has always striven (and will continue) to be the innovator, not the imitator, and remains aggressive and constructive today and in the future.