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Church & Chapel stocks a wide variety of bulbs, including many hard-to-find types.

3-Way Mogul Base Bulbs
CB100 100-200-300 watt bulb with red neck
CB104 100-200-300 watt soft white bulb

Tubular Bulbs with Edison Base
CB130 25 watt 6" clear bulb
CB131 25 watt 6" inside frosted bulb
CB133 40 watt 6" clear bulb
CB134 40 watt 6" inside frosted bulb

Flicker-Flame Bulbs
CB140 3 watt bulb with 23/4" flame candelabra base
CB141 3 watt bulb with 33/4" flame Edison base

Inside Reflector Bulbs Edison base, spot or flood (used in ceiling fixtures)
BR models feature bulge-stylereflectors
CB150 65 watt BR30 flood light bulb
CB151 65 watt BR30 spot light bulb
CB152 75 watt R30 amber bulb
CB153 75 watt R30 blue bulb
CB155 75 watt R30 green bulb
CB156 75 watt R30 pink bulb
CB157 75 watt R30 red bulb
CB158 75 watt R30 yellow bulb
CB159 75 watt BR40 flood light bulb
CB160 100 watt BR40 flood light bulb
CB161 100 watt BR40 spot light bulb
CB162 120 watt BR40 flood light bulb
CB163 120 watt BR40 spot light bulb
CB164 150 watt R40 amber bulb
CB165 150 watt R40 blue bulb
CB167 150 watt R40 green bulb
CB168 150 watt R40 pink bulb
CB169 150 watt R40 red bulb
CB170 150 watt R40 yellow bulb

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