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Drainage Chemicals
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Triple-base fluid formulated to sequester Calcium at maximum levels—50% more than any other product — even in hard water. Exclusive Incarnadining Agents and Cosmetic factors achieve unsurpassed cosmetic effects and life-like color. Maximum dilation of vessels ensures extensive penetration of arterial chemical and homogeneous distribution of natural color.

#02994 24 – 16 oz. Bottles

Epic Drainage


Unmatched in penetration and solvent power on drugs, the triple-base formulation makes EPIC DRAINAGE equal to the best Arterial fluid as a preservative. When used as directed, the outstanding ability to remove clotted and sludged blood results in unexpected drainage. It is often used as a non-formaldehyde preservative in Jaundice cases which clears BILIRUBIN and avoids BILI-VERDIN discoloration.

#03000 24 – 16 oz. Bottles



Combines ease of use, Triple-Base Preservatives, and results unmatched by any other product. CALSEC is acknowledged as the best in the industry, even by the competition, and offers the flexibility to be used as a pre-injection, co-injection, or Jaundice chemical. Exclusive ESCO Incarnadining agents and cosmetic factors provide a tracer stain which completely penetrates the tissue and allows a uniform cosmetic life-like appearance. Technicians that routinely use CALSEC report, “Multiple point injections, even in the
difficult cases, is dramatically reduced.

#03020 24 – 16 oz. Bottles



The original and still most powerful blood liquefying and mineral sequestering agent in the industry. Sequesters Calcium and other metallic ions which cause clotting. Sofner will eliminate all problems of astringency, distribution, clot formation, streaking, or splotching. Used on arteriosclerotic cases, drainage will be more than expected. Thrombosis and apoplexy cases will embalm as easily as the normal case.

#03023 24 – 16 oz. Bottles

Drug and Stain Remover


The fastest solvent of drug discolorations and physiological stain on the market. Combined with Drainage chemical it will remove the severe stains caused by disease of administration of drug therapies. If not completely removed; lightening will be sufficient enough to cause no adverse condition for the application of moderate cosmetics. It must never be used in any solution containing formaldehyde. It will dissolve and remove Methylene Blue, as well as discoloration caused by every known drug treatment in heart and kidney

#20075 Pint

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